Adult Book Clubs

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Invermere Public Library Book Club Procedures

In order to supply your book club with the best service in a timely fashion, it is important to follow these few simple rules:

  1. Check that the title you require is available for Interlibrary Loan. The choice can’t be too new (nothing published in the last two years) and there should be lots of copies available in the province (over 20). You can find this out by searching the Illume Catalogue. You can also contact the library to check for you.
  2. Limit the number of copies to 12.
  3. Supply a list of people that need the book and their telephone numbers to library staff. Please make sure this is up-to-date each month. If someone is away, or has a copy of the book, their name should be taken off the list for that month.
  4. Be sure to pick up your book when you have been called!  The library holds your book for one week.

The perfect scenario is, at your monthly meeting – make a list of who needs the book and their telephone number and/or email address. Drop off the list, fax or email it to the library. The request will be made that day and books should start to arrive after 1 week. If members come in to pick up their copy over the following week, they have 2-3 weeks to read the book before the next meeting.

Things that mess up the system!

Please order ALL books at the same time.

Please don’t lend to other people on the list, unless it is with the library staff’s knowledge.

Please don’t count on being able to renew your interlibrary loan. It is not always possible.

There are lots of good books out there. Ones that are currently on the best sellers, on Oprah, or have just been made into a movie are often too popular to get multiple copies of.

Starting Your Own Book Club?

Visit the links below for information on how to get your own book club going:

  • NoveList [library card needed]
    Includes book reviews, read-alikes, author biographies and discussion questions.
  • GoodReadsIncludes reader reviews, trivia, reading lists, etc.  You can choose to sign up and share book lists.
  • BookClubs.caFocuses on Canadian titles and includes reading guides, information about author events, and books in the news.
    An online book club that anyone can join.
  • Oprah’s Book Club
    Includes recommended book lists, author interviews and more.
    Includes reviews, previews, stories behind the books, author interviews, reading guides, and more.
  • Mostly, we eat!
    A long-running book club that includes recommended reads and advice on starting a book club.