Pen Pal Club

Libraries across the Kootenays are bringing back the lost art of correspondence. Join the club and we will match you up with someone to correspond with – either by email or the old fashioned way – snail mail. This is a great opportunity to encourage one another in a trying time!

Here is how it works:

Register by emailing and answer these four questions:

1) Are you a kid/teen/adult?
2) Do you want a kid/teen/adult pen pal?
3) What are your interests?
4) Do you want to correspond by email or snail mail?

Give us a few days, and our library and another library will match you with someone in the Kootenays who is a good fit for you. We will get back to you and tell you a little about your new pen pal.

Then you write a letter or create some artwork for your new pen pal.

Send it by taking a picture of it and emailing it to  OR

Send it to the library address:

Invermere Public Library
c/o Pen Pal Club
Box 989

Invermere, BC

V0A 1K0

Whether by email or snail mail, we will forward your mail to your pen pal (your privacy will always be protected – all mail will be forwarded through the libraries).