Sunshine Lamps | Verilux LED Happy Lights

🔆 Sunshine Lamps at the Invermere Public Library 🔆

We have three Verilux HappyLight LED Light Therapy Lamps available to checkout for a 3 week loan period.

While we do get beautiful sunny days during our winters in the Columbia Valley, we can also get lots of overcast, dreary weather (and any time of year). These lamps will mimic the positive effects sunlight has on people to boost mood and energy. Perfect for anyone experiencing some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder, low/tired mood due to little or no sunlight, or anyone who just needs a burst of sunshine. 

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Why use it?

Many people use light therapy to combat the winter blues or cheer up on cloudy days. Sunshine lamps replace lost sunlight exposure, balancing hormones and resetting the body’s internal clock in healthy adults. These lamps can cue your body’s own energy enhancers to make you more alert and productive. The full spectrum light can lift spirits, sharpen concentration and improve energy levels.

Best Practice:

When you first use the lamp, start with a short 10 minute session with the lamp approx. 18 inches away from your face on the low setting. Do not look directly at it. If you feel any discomfort, discontinue use. If you do not feel discomfort you can increase the time in front of the light and/or the brightness. Everyone has a different sensitivity to light, so find the settings that work best for you. 


Sit close to your light while you engage in other activities like reading, writing, a fun hobby, etc.

The lamp should be positioned somewhere between 6-24 inches of your face. It is most effective when positioned slightly off centre (place it on the corner of your desk for instance). The light must be directed towards your eyes, but do not look directly at it. Closed eyes won’t have the same effect & tinted glass could lessen effect as well. 

You should use the light for 20 minutes—1 hour/day. This can be in one session, or a few mini-sessions throughout your day. Adjust the distance and brightest to whatever feels best for you. 

Getting Started:

  1. Begin by attaching the stand to the light. The clips click into the holes on the bottom of the lamp
  2. Plug the cord into the lamp & then into the wall
  3. The power button is the blue one on top of the device. Click once to turn on. Click again to turn off.
  4. The button on the front of the lamp adjusts the brightness.

There are 3 light settings: low, medium & high. Start with the light on low. If you do not feeling any improvements, turn it up. These options are 5,000 lux, 7,500 lux & 10,000 lux (measurement of light intensity) 

Place a Verilux Happy Light on hold through our catalogue now!