What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is a free reading tracking website and app. You can simply log your reading to keep track of the titles you’ve read OR join in on the challenges to meet new reading goals, collect badges, and win prizes! 

How do I sign up?

  • First, head to our Beanstack site.
  • You can also download the free Beanstack Tracker app on your device & search Invermere Public Library to register or log in. 
  • From there, follow the instructions to sign yourself and your family up! One account can have multiple readers, for instance a parent runs the account and has each child listed as a reader.

Then what?

  • Once the account is created, you can register for the challenges that pop-up on your home screen. You can log your reading by clicking the “Log Reading and Activities” button on the top left of the page. Logging there will automatically fill into a challenge if it meets the requirements AND you have registered for the challenge, or you can log directly in each challenge. 
  • Challenges available to your age group will pop up on the homepage. If the adult reader is selected, only adult challenges will show. Make sure to register for the challenge if you want your logged reading to count towards it!
  • Toggle between readers to see what’s available for the different age groups!
  • Read your way through the challenges to earn badges, and possibly prizes! (Not all challenges have a prize, check the challenge descriptions for details.)
  • New challenges coming soon! Check the back regularly to see what challenges are live and upcoming!

Current Challenges

Winter Reading Challenge Q&As:

How many books can Columbia Valley residents read in February?

Who can participate? Open to everyone living between Spillimacheen and Canal Flats. No library card necessary.

Can I do it by minutes read? This challenge is only logging books, not minutes or pages. They do not have to be library books & listening to audiobooks counts! 

What if I started my book in January? If you started a book in Jan. but finish it in Feb., you can count it. 

I read to my child(ren) every night. Who gets to count those books in their account? Grown-ups reading to kids can count that book for themselves and the child.

Logging tips:  On the computer you can log for all readers under the account at once, or individually. On the app, you can log for 2-3 readers out 4 (or however many) at one time. 

On the computer you can only log for one challenge at a time. If you’re in the Winter Reading Challenge and Read Woke for example, you will have to log in each challenge separately. But if you log in the app, it will apply to all challenges you’re in at once. 

The Beanstack homepage will have a counter to keep track of the community total throughout the month. (Only visible on site not app) 

I don’t use a computer or smartphone regularly, so how can I participate? If someone does not want to log online, we will provide a paper log to keep track. Paper logs need to be returned by March 3 at the latest to be included in the count & entered for prize draw. 

Go to Beanstack now!

Questions? Challenge or prize ideas? Contact us at 250-342-6416 or